Judas Priest Republicans Censured By Local RTC

Watertown Republican Town Committee

A Resolution of Censure

Whereas; prior to the November 4th election, the GOP controlled roughly 15% of the State Legislature, and no Statewide Constitutional Office…

And Whereas; it was therefore incumbent upon all Republican office-holders and high-profile, celebrated former officer-holders, to actively support faithful Republicans seeking office, or at the very least not cause divisions by endorsing their Liberal Democrat opponents…

And whereas; in spite of the fact that former Governor William Weld endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008, the MA-GOP Leadership embraced him upon his return to Massachusetts, welcoming him back into the inner circle of decision-makers and party strategists, further celebrating the former Governor as a great Party Patriarch by honoring him with the Prestigious Lincoln-Reagan Award, and then showcasing him at the 2014 State Convention…

And whereas; Former Governor William Weld endorsed Michael Day, an extremely Progressive Democrat, who was also endorsed by the Uber-liberal “Mass Alliance” group, over Caroline Colarusso, a well qualified conservative Republican running for State Representative in the Republican friendly 31st Middlesex District, in which the Weld endorsed Democrat, Michael Day, went on to win by 1%…

And whereas; Former Governor William Weld endorsed Richard Moore, another very Progressive Democrat and entrenched incumbent over Ryan Fattman another well qualified and conservative Republican rising-star in the Worcester/Norfolk State Senate District race…

And whereas; Republican Essex County Sheriff endorsed the radical agenda-driven Uber-Liberal Maura Healey over the well-qualified Republican candidate John Miller for Attorney General…

And whereas; former MA-GOP Chair and current Chair of the MA Republican State Senate PAC, Brian Cresta endorsed Theodore (Ted) Speliotis, a Progressive Democrat who holds a 10% (f-) rating from Mass Fiscal Alliance and a similar grade from Citizens for Limited Taxation, over Republican Tom Lyons in a race for 13th Essex State Representative, in which Speliotis went on to win by 2%…

And whereas; Lawrence Republican (Former) Mayor Michael J Sullivan and Republican City Councilor Marc Laplante endorsed Progressive Democrat Marcos Devers over Republican Roger Twomey in the 16th Essex race for State Representatives…

And whereas; the Republican Party unity is necessary to End to One Party Rule in Commonwealth….

And whereas; the aforementioned actions, by the aforementioned high-profile Republicans caused deep wounds to party unity, furthermore they may well have had serious negative impact on the outcomes of the aforementioned races…

Therefore be it resolved; that on this day, December 3rd, in the year of Our Lord 2014, at a regularly scheduled meeting, we the duly elected members of The Watertown Republican Town Committee condemn in the strongest possible manner, the aforementioned endorsements of Democrats by the aforementioned high profile Republicans…. And further vote to censure Former Governor William Weld, Sheriff Frank Cousins, Former MA-GOP Chair & current Chair of the MA Republican State Senate PAC Brian Cresta, Former Lawrence Mayer Michael J Sullivan, and Lawrence City Councilor Marc Laplante.

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee, instructs our State Committee members from the Second Suffolk & Middlesex District, Steve Aylward and Elizabeth Mahoney, and our Regional Chair Brad Williams of the 4th MA-GOP State Committee Region, to propose and or vote for a similar measure at the next MA-GOP State Committee meeting….

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee calls upon MA-GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes to publicly announce that the MA-GOP will strip former Governor William Weld of the Prestigious Lincoln-Reagan Award, that he shall no-longer be invited to speak or have any place of honor at MA-GOP functions, that he be stripped of any and all other MA-GOP awards or recognition, and that he no longer be allowed to serve as an Ex-Officio Delegate at State Conventions…

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee holds that the aforementioned Republican office holders or high-profile Republicans who endorsed Democrats, should never be given any support by the MA-GOP in any future election….

Be it further resolved; that the Watertown Republican Town Committee suggest the MA Republican State Senate PAC replace the current Chair Brian Cresta, with a faithful Republican.

Be it further resolved; that The Watertown Republican Town Committee authorizes and instructs the Chair of the Committee to release this resolution to the Media and to send copies the following:

MA-GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes

RNC-National Committeeman Ron Kaufman

RNC-National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier

State Committeeman Steven Aylward

State Committeewoman Elizabeth Mahoney

Region 4 Chair Brad Williams….


Signed this day Dec. 3rd 2014


John DiMascio Chairman Watertown RTC

Blacks ignore Obama, Riot, Steal Booze, Electronics, many wearing masks…knock out cameras

First, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Police in Ferguson Missouri, who did their best to ensure that no rioters killed anyone last night. Also, BIG CONGRATULATIONS for letting the world see what dumb people these rioters are: a 6 foot-five inch tall monster out of control ‘kid’ beats a cops, then charges the cop, and the cop puts him down with a bullet through the top of his head while the monster charges the cop, and the STUPID people in Ferguson think this is a great excuse to:

– break 25+ windows on businsses

– torch multiple cars

– torch multiple businesses

– break windows, loot businesses, steal booze, cell phones, electronics, anything they can get their hands on.



Punks in mask and hoodies letting the police know how they feel. A true display of their intellect.

riot1Rule #1:  Make sure you pull your pants down and walk like a duck and expose your underwear to everyone before breaking into a liquor store, stealing all that you can carry. Oh, and if you’re so proud of yourself, why the masks?


New Black Panther Party with pipe bombs – stopped by FBI.
Politicians tossing out racist bombs.

Blacks torch a police car, break into stores, steal booze, electronics

Beauty supply shop set on fire.

Ferguson Market looted.

McDonald’s looted.

Cell phone store trashed/looted.

Firefighters trying to work.

Camera operator for Fox News attacked by blacks who destroyed camera because Fox News was videotaping the looting.  Camera broken. Reporter O.K. Uses I-phone feed to continue broadcasting from that site. Other reporters show fires, tear gas canisters, etc.

9100 – Looting STL Cordless

Like a carnival atmosphere…


So, a cop defends himself, kills a 6-foot monster who beat on him, cop gets his life threatened…grand jury looks at evidence, takes testimony from many, and says, there’s no reason to prosecute the cop. He did nothing wrong.

SO, Blacks disagree with death of punk, so they feel compelled to steal, again, booze, electronics, etc.  Looting, breaking windows of business. toss trash cans through windows….live tv shows punk with baseball bat beating on a business window.

Cops toss out tear gas cylinders, police in tactical gear disperse crowd, but then looters again move to other shops.

Good size fire now in front of Walgreens…two police cars now ignited…crowd gathered around it….


Los Angeles – demonstration in large intersection – transit buses stopped. No violence yet. So far, violence only in Ferguson Missouri.   Folks with drums banging in the middle of the street. Stopping traffic.

Time Square  New York – large crowd building, large group of protesters with PRE_MADE SIGNS, for organized demonstrations. Expect in many other cities. New York Police not in open confrontation so far.



Steve Aylward Leads the Charge on Question 1

Aylward globe pictureOn November 4th the voters of Massachusetts said no to “Taxation Without Representation” by voting Yes on Question 1. We repealed the legislation that raised the gasoline tax automatically every year without any further debate or vote of the legislature. In so doing the Commonwealth’s voters restored representative democracy, in it’s birthplace and cradle.


The vast majority of credit for this effort belongs to Watertown’s own Steve Aylward. He conceived this ballot initiative. He put together a team of volunteers that gathered 146,000 signatures to get the measure on the ballot. Something “experts” said could never be done just with volunteers and who urged him to hire a professional signature-gathering firm. After leading the effort to gather signatures, Steve then developed the strategy and arguments needed to prevail at polls.

Steve performed just about every task possible in this campaign, because he is truly a “servant leader.” He’s not looking for credit; he’s looking to see that goal gets accomplished… No job is too little or beneath him. He licked envelopes, while others stuffed them, held signs, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and dropped literature. And of course he was lead spokesman for the cause, debating and demolishing well-established politicos several times on Television.

The real genius in Steve’s leadership is what he was able to do with so little money in comparison to millions of dollars spent by political cronies who stood gain financially from the automatic tax increases. While those who supported taxation without representation sought and garnered large donations from big business, big labor, and firms that had contracts with the Commonwealth, the Question supporters received smaller donations from the average working class citizen. The proponents automatic tax increases bombarded the airwaves with misinformation and out right lies. Steve Aylward, driven by his integrity and armed with the truth, motivated and led hundreds of volunteers to get the facts into voters’ hands and then made sure those voters got to polls on Tuesday November 4th.

The citizens of Massachusetts owe a debt of gratitude to Steve Aylward. The Republicans in the 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex District are indeed well represented by his servant-leadership as their State Committeeman. Finally the people of Watertown have good reason to be proud that their long-time resident played such a huge role in restoring representative democracy in the Commonwealth.


MassGOP Claims ‘Huge’ Victory: pick up gov’s seat, +2 senate seats, + 6 house seats

Mass. Republicans took the Governor’s seat, as hatred towards questionable extremist Martha Coakley gave Charlie Baker the win: he brought it home with 40,400 more votes than the despised one.

All state-wide seats were lost to the Democrats (Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, as well as all Governor’s Council Seats, representatives in congress, and senators).

Indeed, despite a small army of house and senate candidates, the Mass. Republicans saw 89% of their candidates FAIL in their attempt to win seats in the Senate, and 79% of their candidates FAIL in their attempt to win seats in the House.

Despite the drumming, the Republicans not only held onto all seats, but kicked three Democrats out of office (Ryan Fattman sent Sen. Moore packing, Suzannah Whipps Lee tossed Denise Andrews to the curb, and Dave Descost garnered 59 more votes than Rhonda Nyman, retiring the extremist Democrat). The Republicans also filled 6 open seats.

So, the Republicans call it a big win:
– SENATE: they went from
36 dems to 4 republicans to
34 dems to 6 republicans

– HOUSE: they went from
131 dems to 29 repubs. to
125 dems to 25 repubs
So, the Dems. still rule Beacon Hill, but some progress was made, and if you check out Facebook, you’ll see the Republicans celebrating in the street, breaking their arms congratulating themselves (see MassGOP Exec. Dir. Rob Cunningham’s post, about what a great job he and his team did).



Chart below pretty much summarizes the state of the state as best known on the 4th….subject to minor changes….2014_11_Page_Page_07


Vote Yes on #1, IF YOU CAN find it on your ballot!

From John DiMascio:

Just heard a caller on Kuhner Country warning voters about the ballot.
Apparently on his Ballot Question 1 is in very small print on the front of the ballot on the right hand corner…. he missed it and turned it over where question 2,3,& 4 are clearly visible. He almost voted Yes on 2 thinking it was Question 1…. Not sure if this is the case in other towns…. but warn people to careful about finding Question 1 on the Ballot.. and vote yes on 1
Also, from Rabid Republican Blog (www.rabidrepublicanblog.com), you’ll note that the DEAD DEMOCRAT MAYOR TOM MENINO’s VOTE WILL COUNT.
Get out and vote, they urge. There’s a LOT of Dead Democrats and Voter Fraud to overcome.
Remember, if it ain’t close, they can’t cheat.

Ron Beaty Calls out Illegal Immigrant Supporter and Tax Raiser Dan Wolf




Barnstable, Cape Cod, October 16, 2014 – Ron Beaty, Tea Party Republican Candidate and Nominee for Cape & Islands State Senator stated today:

After reviewing the October 14th interview of my opponent by the local NPR radio station, I found very little said by him of any real substantive value. He was extremely short on specifics and unnecessarily long on generalities about anything he might do during a potential third term if reelected.  This might be fine if he were running as a new candidate for an open state senate seat, but he is not.

In his four years as Cape & Islands State Senator, Dan Wolf has accomplished absolutely nothing for Cape area residents to improve and make their lives better. However, last year he did conduct a failed bid to become Governor of the Commonwealth, and because of state ethics violations at the time, temporarily issued a letter of resignation from his State Senate position.

My opponent has utterly failed to create new job opportunities, encourage business start-ups, or expand much needed local economic development in the Cape and Islands. During his unremarkable four year tenure, he has voted for every major tax increase that came before him on Beacon Hill, including the sales tax and the gas tax, among others.

He sponsored a Bill to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and co-sponsored House Bill 1959 which would have dramatically curtailed private property rights and greatly increased population density in our cities and towns.

Regarding the 208 Water Quality Update process, Wolf claims that his involvement has been his proudest moment. The problem with that claim is that it rings hollow because this ongoing process is being undertaken by the Cape Cod Commission, decades after being mandated by the federal government. Furthermore, along with the Cape Cod Commission, Wolf has never clearly enunciated exactly how we are supposed to pay for a huge financial burden of billions of dollars in wastewater mitigation, half of which must apparently be shouldered by Cape Cod residents.

Early on, Wolf was a major proponent of an MWRA-style Cape-wide Regional Wastewater Authority with taxation powers. Cape Codders need to ask, does he quietly still hold to this hugely detrimental remedy?

Finally, Dan Wolf sits on the Cape Cod Economic Development Council (CCEDC) which distributes the hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue generated each year by the Cape & Islands License Plate Program. During the last five years, instead of awarding those funds to new small business start-ups and innovative local business expansion projects that could have created new job opportunities, approximately $2.2 Million was wastefully provided to the Cape Cod Commission for its endless Comprehensive Economic Development Study (CEDS). This was a big waste of the funds which could have properly awarded $10,000 grants to over 200 small business start-ups on the Cape Cod and Islands. Additionally, some funds also irresponsibly went to non-profit agencies which also failed to create permanent new jobs on the Cape as well.

When all is said and done, during the last four years, Dan Wolf has done nothing of any real value to benefit Cape Codders, at least from my point of view.

Borrowing a bit of wisdom from President Ronald Reagan, I  believe that voters need to ask themselves this question, “Are they better off now than they were four years ago?” If they can honestly answer Yes, then their choice is obvious. However, if their answer is No, then I ask that they vote for me, Ron Beaty, for Cape and Islands State Senator on Tuesday, November 4th.

As our newly elected State Senator, I will do what is sensible to help make our lives better here on the Cape, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

# # #

Bill Welds hits the WALL-OF-SHAME for endorsing yet another socialist

Weld The ClownBilly Weld, who exudes stupidity more than arrogance (which is saying something for the oh-arrogant one), just endorsed another socialist Democrat.  This one, a guy running for rep. in Middlesex county….a guy who has been endorsed by Pandora Beads UK Sale seemingly every liberal ‘progressive’ socialist organization available (and anti-gun rights, pro-illegal immigration, pro high-taxes, pro-big-government, etc.).

Weld is, and has been, a joke amongst most Republicans.BUT, he headlined the MassGOP (botched) Convention this spring. AND, he headlined a fundraiser with Kirsten Hughes this Summer for the MassGOP.

Wonder how the MassGOP feels about dragging this, this, oh, never mind, not worth printing the words here…but wonder how the MassGOP feels about yet another backstabbing….

Click the menu to view Republican Backstabbers on the Wala Pandora Sale variance l of Shame.

p.s. What Weld says means nothing, except it reminds us of how dumb the man is.

Here he is endorsing Obama in 2008.  A move he later ‘regrets’.

Scott Lively, Martha Coakley, Charlie Baker, et. al… we’re waiting MCFL…

Governor Candidates:

Scott Lively:  Never talked about, independent, ultra-conservative, against tax money for abortions

Marth Coakley;  Always talked about, Democrat, ultra-liberal, supports tax money for abortions

Charlie Baker: Always talked about, Republican, ‘moderate liberal’, supports tax money for abortion.

So, we keep getting asked,: with the days ticking off, Mass Citizens for Life clearly cannot support Coakley or Baker…..are they going to sit out this election?



MARA Event: Sat. Sept. 27 – 6:30 P.M., LYNN, MA

First Fore-ay





Special Guests: Rep. Jim Lyons, Rep. Geoff Diehl, Rep. Leah Cole, Rep. Lenny Mirra, & many more!

Please join us on Saturday, 27 September at 6:30 PM at the Gannon Country Club, 60 Great Woods Road, Lynn, MA 01904.

We need to work together to help good candidates. That is what MARA is all about; working to grow the Conservative movement. Running a campaign is hard work & fundraising is even harder. Here’s a way to have a great time, meet up with your friends, be able to increase your reach & donation capacity to great candidates.

Details: Refreshments will be served & yes, there will be a cash bar! Cost: $25/person.

Tickets can be purchased at: http://massra.com/pacd6gannon.htm


Do you have more questions? Email Sheila Mullins or call nine-seven-eight.618.9149.

Update on Illegal Immigration: Border Crisis, Amnesty Status, State Issues – MON. SEPT. 15 – NORTHBOROUGH

You are invited …

 to a Public Service Presentation by Jessica Vaughan

 “Update on Illegal Immigration:

Border Crisis, Amnesty Status, State Pandora Bracelets Chea Issues”

The free admission, public service program will be held tomorrow,
Monday, September 15th
, 7 pm at the Northborough Free Library,
34 Main Street. Doors open at 6:30.

Guest Speaker Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), has spent more thantwenty years with CIS dealing with immigration reform issues.

Relevant to her presentation, she explained, “[This weekend]

I am traveling to El Paso for a 3-day law enforcement
conference focusing on the border crisis and related crime
issues. We’ll be making dedicated trips to the border itself.
I will provide an update based on what I learn.”

She also said, “I’ll also give an updatPandora Sale e on state issues and our recent success in blocking three horrendous bills – “Safe Driving Act”, “Trust Act” and the “Juvenile Act”. I’ll also expand the Governor’s latest move to try to negate “Secure Communities”.

 According to Cameron Carey of the Northborough Tea Party, “As concerned citizens, it is vitally important that we absorb Jessica Vaughan’s insights and advice. Amnesty is the single most dangerous threat to America’s future because it is irreversible. ObamaCare is a disaster, but we have a chance to overturn it, or at least revamp it. Not so with amnesty.

Once it is granted, a one-party political system will be created.

Bottom line, we will be turned into a third-world country overnight.”

The event is sponsored by the Northborough Tea Party (NTP).
Admission is free, open to the general public, the Press, and especially students.

 Help Spread the Word – Please forward this message to your family, friends and associates, urging them to attend, and also ask them to pass it on to their acquaintances.

 RSVP– Please let John O’Mara know if you plan to attend. Having a sense of the expected attendance allows for an optimal seating arrangement.

 Arrive Early – A large turnout is expected. By arriving between 6:30 and 6:45 it will expedite the checking-in process. It will also maximize the opportunity for a good parking spot.

 Alternate Parking – Free parking is available diagonally across the street from the Main Street side of the Library, behind Trinity Church, 23 Main Street (Route 20), via Hudson Street.

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless
minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
- Sam Adams